Development work this April has continued to see the game coming together and many more people finding out about Nestables!

Development Progress

Last month we showed off a variety of new areas of gameplay including composting. As of this month, the compost system is fully operational, with the creation of UI and gameplay mechanics for it.

What an unexpected month March turned out to be! It has been a very productive month for the Nestables team and we have lots of cool stuff to share with the community.

Pre-Alpha for all!

With NFTs going mainstream, the number of demands in our Telegram for people wanting to play the pre-alpha version of Nestables was so significant, we decided to release it for everyone to be able to play.

Previously, only those who had a Founder’s Nestable and Token could play. The requirement of these items meant people had to make a pretty significant investment in Nestables to be able to…

Back in October last year, we released a pre-alpha version of Nestables to those who held Founder’s Nestables and Tokens. The intention of the pre-alpha was to get initial thoughts / feedback on the game and allow those who supported us during the pre-sale to see what their backing had been spent on!

Given the substantial interest in Nestables over the past few months, we have decided to allow free access to the pre-alpha version of Nestables to EVERYONE. You do not need a Founder’s Token / Nestable. You only need a website account.

Players will be provided with a…

February is a short month and the time has flown! The dev team has made some amazing progress this month with some significant features starting to come together.

Development Progress

Nest / Island Visitation

The initial implementation of visiting other user’s Nests, friends system and social features are complete! This will be a really exciting aspect of gameplay in the future and one that we hope will broaden the game’s attraction to a variety of new users. To showcase it, we thought a video would be easiest!

You will also notice in the video above that all of the UI for…

Welcome back to the first development update for Nestables in 2021! The Christmas and New Year’s period was a little slow but there has been significant progress made already this year.

Development Progress

As mentioned last month, work has begun on the island visitation system. So far, choosing the hybrid options appears to have been a good idea! Already this month we have implemented the ability to load any other saved Nest and fetch all the required data from it. Loading into another player’s Nest will allow you to see their progress and Nestables moving around. To prevent any griefing issues, you…

It has been a while since our last development update! It has been a very busy year for the Nestables team and we are excited to head in 2021 with a very successful year behind us.

Development Progress

In our post last month, “Where next for Nestables?”, we took a very brief look at the upcoming development for the game. For those of you who have been following this project, you will know that we like to keep things under wraps until they have been completed. We can say though, there are some really cool things happening…

The refactoring of the code…

It has been an exciting few months for the Nestables team. Being able to finally show the community the development progress so far has been extremely rewarding. The public pre-alpha for holders of Founder’s Tokens and Nestables was a great success with over 400 hundred players participating.

The pre-alpha has given us vital feedback into what the community thinks of the game so far, confirming that the project is on the right track. …

Welcome to the closed Nestables pre-alpha! We want to stress that it is still very early on in the overall development of Nestables. There are still areas of gameplay to add, significantly more depth & refinement for the current gameplay and heaps of bugs and polish to be done.

The intention of this pre-alpha is to give our community, especially those that supported us during our pre-sale, early access to the game. To play, you will need to hold a Founder’s Cube and Token in your Enjin Wallet. …

It has been a very exciting few months for the Nestables team! There has been a heap of activity behind the scenes, which many of you would have seen if you follow us on Twitter. The Public Pre-Alpha is not that far away now. Here is a quick update on everything!

The Closed Pre-Alpha

For the past two weeks we have been running a closed pre-alpha for the Nestables Advisory Board. It has been fantastic to finally see people playing the game and their feedback has been invaluable.

We are very appreciative to everyone on the Advisory Board who took time to test…

This monthly development update is later than normal as today officially marks one year since the start of the Nestables pre-sale, so we thought it would be time for a very special development update with a big announcement.

Development Progress

One area that we always wanted to improve was the UI for Nestables. Intuitive UI for any game is critical and now that we have been able to sit down and play it, you can start to see areas that were missing, options that would be useful and parts of the gameplay that could be explained better to players.

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