September might be over but there has been significant development progress on Nestables this month. Enjin’s roadmap for early adopters is starting to give us an insight into when we can release Nestables as a free-to-play game for everyone using their efinity / jumpnet scaling solution.

Development Progress

Seasons in Nestables!

With Nestables designed to…

Welcome to another development update! The Nestables team has grown this month as are currently finalising arrangements to bring on a new part-time developer to speedup development progress. Their focus will mainly be on polishing different gameplay aspects and assisting with other smaller tasks.

Development Progress

Biome Changes and New Resources

Since the pre-alpha, we have been…

July has been another productive month for the team! Some members took a small break but everyone is now back and hard at work. We are genuinely surprised at the level of interest in Nestables and hope to have something to showcase to everyone before the end of the year.

Development Progress

June has been a busy month with development starting on some of the last remaining areas of gameplay that will add a substantial amount of content to Nestables.

Development Progress

Breeding Mechanics and Tea

Quite a while ago, we covered the basics of the breeding Mechanics in Nestables. …

Another month passes us by! This month, we have some very exciting news to share with everyone — a long awaited feature is finally here!

Nestables Marketplace

The Nestables Marketplace is now officially live! You can check it out here>

The marketplace is built using Enjin’s Marketplace API and is tailored…

Development work this April has continued to see the game coming together and many more people finding out about Nestables!

Development Progress

Compost UI and Mechanics

Last month we showed off a variety of new areas of gameplay including composting. …

What an unexpected month March turned out to be! It has been a very productive month for the Nestables team and we have lots of cool stuff to share with the community.

Pre-Alpha for all!

With NFTs going mainstream, the number of demands in our Telegram for people wanting to play the pre-alpha…

Back in October last year, we released a pre-alpha version of Nestables to those who held Founder’s Nestables and Tokens. …

February is a short month and the time has flown! The dev team has made some amazing progress this month with some significant features starting to come together.

Development Progress

Nest / Island Visitation

The initial implementation of visiting other user’s Nests, friends system and social features are complete! This will be…

Welcome back to the first development update for Nestables in 2021! The Christmas and New Year’s period was a little slow but there has been significant progress made already this year.

Development Progress

Island Visitation

As mentioned last month, work has begun on the island visitation system. So far, choosing the hybrid options appears…

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