May Development Update

Tribal Gaming
3 min readMay 31, 2022


A busy month of bug fixes and polishing comes to an end. At this stage, the intention is for a public Alpha of Nestables to start the 17th June.

Public Alpha Details

Since the Founder’s Alpha, we have been working on implementing the feedback that was received, patching a number of different bugs and finishing off some areas of additional gameplay. Sadly, the interior editor is taking longer than expected and won’t form part of the public Alpha at this stage.

Here is a quick run-down for the public Alpha:

  • 17th June for Windows PC
  • Everyone will be able to play, you won’t need to own a Nestable
  • Nothing will be written to the blockchain for this Alpha — we are still waiting for Enjin’s Efinity for this
  • Progress will not carry over to the final release of the game

Having a second Nestable is very useful to unlock different areas of gameplay. For the purpose of this public Alpha, players will be able to unlock a second Nestable in the third map exploration.

Please stay tuned via our Twitter or Telegram for more information on the upcoming public Alpha.

Development Progress

The past month has been spent fixing bugs, adding polish to the game and some work on outstanding aspects of gameplay. Sadly, not all of these outstanding gameplay areas will make it in time for the public Alpha.

Bugs have been fixed with:

  • Improved farming system — issues around cancelling farming and crop selections
  • Significant work has been done to fix issues with the wearable editor, including a code cleanup, fixing the colour pickers and issues with saving changes made to cosmetics
  • AI updates, balancing and visual fixes for juvenile Nestables
  • Issues with the new tree planting system to finalise its implementation for the public Alpha

UI Changes

Based on feedback from the Founder’s Alpha, we have designed a new piece of UI for the main screen. This will show the three most recently collected resources and the player’s balance. The intention of bringing back the player balance to the main screen is to make it clearer when players don’t have the required funds to plant crops or buy other resources.

When players return to the game, a progress report is displayed detailing what the Nestables have been up to since you left. This month, the UI for the Progress Report was implemented, along with several other updates and bug fixes.

Nestables Wikipedia

To prepare for the public Alpha, we have started work on a Nestables Wikipedia . The intention is to make the wiki a central hub of knowledge for the game, helping new players and more advanced players.

The wiki will cover gameplay basics such as the resources currently implemented ingame, recipes, Nestable traits and more.

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. Until the next post, you can stay tuned with our progress via our Telegram & Twitter and don’t forget to clap if you have liked what you have read above!

~ Tribal Gaming