Where Next for Nestables?

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3 min readSep 1, 2022


As we set out a path for Nestables from our Alpha to a Beta release, this month has been a productive one on the planning side of things, taking into account the feedback from our community during the Alpha and setting our sights on one of the core goals for Nestables; a mass adoption blockchain game with play and earn potential.

So, where are we going next for Nestables?

For all of those who took the time to participate in our Alpha, you would understand that all of the fundamental mechanics for the game are now in place. What is really critical now is to bring everything together so that it forms a “game”.

There are also some additional content areas that we would like to add before Alpha, including:

Event system — Allow for events to be held ingame which involve the user interacting with special limited time tasks and activities.

AI Food System — The AI for Nestables will only operate while you have food in the fridge!

Resource Balloons —Supply balloons that drop rare items etc which are shot down by Nestables with slingshots!

Efinity Integration — The integration of Efinity into Nestables and transition of existing ETH assets across to this new blockchain and implement security features to prevent any misuse

Research Station — Creation of a research station area where Nestables go to improve their skills

Interior System — Addition of the interior and crafting system for inside buildings (mostly done)

Storyline Quests — To bring the game together and encourage players to explore different aspects of gameplay

Nick Martiano’s Nest from the Alpha

There are also a number of areas that we wish to improve before Beta:

Building System — Update cost system for building construction and make the building editor more user-friendly and customisable

Expanded Juvenile / Baby Nestable System — Additional gameplay depth for juvenile / baby Nestables with more demands, requirements and interaction!

Improved Nest Decoration — Significantly improve the Nest decoration system to allow users to bring more of their personality into the game

There are also a number of other smaller but no less important changes to make including improved balancing, changes to the foraging system, better daily quests and more.

Development Progress

Development progress this month has focused on continuing to implement feedback received during the Alpha and has started to look at some of the areas on the list above.

  • Numerous issues with the UI have been fixed — thanks to the feedback of our excellent artist Elentari!
  • Work has been started on reworking the way building costs are calculated
  • Early stage work has started for Efinity integration
  • Bug fixes — lots of them!
  • Specific work has been done to update the progress report to provide a full and task summary
  • Addition of a new movement tooltip
  • New sound effects have also been created for a number of the new gameplay elements

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. Until the next post, you can stay tuned with our progress via our Telegram & Twitter and don’t forget to clap if you have liked what you have read above!

~ Tribal Gaming