The Nestables Pre-sale is Live! So, What’s the Excitement All About?

Mainstream Appeal

Nestables has been designed to appeal to people of all ages, across the globe to allow the game to have the largest player base possible. We are going to push crypto gaming into the mainstream.

Adoring Adopters and Crate Cracker Prize Packs

Cube Adoption Program

  • Each pre-sale Cube is an ERC-1155 token backed by 5 ENJ each. This compares to the normal game Cubes which will be backed with 0.1 ENJ.
  • Each Cube is branded with a special gold coloured ‘FC’ (Founder’s Cube) mark. This mark will also be inherited by the Cube’s first born child at a 50% opacity.
  • Exclusive pre-sale only ‘Productivity Master’ trait. This trait applies a productivity bonus to all activities undertaken by the Cube — think of it as making the Cube a ‘jack of all trades’.
  • Ability to cycle through unlimited Cube appearances. Other players loading Nestables for the first time will only have a selection of three different Cubes to choose from.
  • Ability to view traits of the Cube before selection. Normally, traits will be randomised for new Nestables players after they choose their Cube.

Wearables and Skins

Item Minting



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