The Nestables Pre-sale is Live! So, What’s the Excitement All About?

The Nestables pre-sale has officially started!
It has been nearly four months since we first introduced Nestables to the world as part of Enjin’s early adopter program. We have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with you in all of the work that has been done so far, and most importantly, we’re excited for the future of Nestables.

So far, you have adopted over 300 Cubes, and they can’t wait to see the new Nests you will build for them to play, work, and relax in.
250 crates have been cracked, so congratulations to everyone who has unlocked some of the rarest items that will ever exist in the Nestables world!

Mainstream Appeal

Having managed online gaming communities for over 7 years that reached over 50,000 users, we understand the importance of creating a world that captures the imagination of players from a wide-range of demographics.

We understand for many of you participating in this pre-sale, a primary factor is the potential for a future financial return on what you have purchased.

That’s why we are building Nestables to capture the attention of mainstream audiences.

Nestables has been designed to appeal to people of all ages, across the globe to allow the game to have the largest player base possible. We are going to push crypto gaming into the mainstream.

The hard work of creating a base for the game is done — the aim of this pre-sale is to allow us to speed up development and add the main gameplay aspects into the game such as the building editor, crafting system and the ability to interact with your friends.

We are aiming to raise around US $20,000, which along with our own funds, will allow us to deliver a beta we’re proud of.

Nothing is more valuable to us than your trust and satisfaction, which is why we will not keep your funds unless we believe we can deliver exactly what we’ve promised.

If we do not reach our target of $20,000 in funding, we will refund all purchases made during the pre-sale.

You can see details regarding how we intend to use these funds here.

Adoring Adopters and Crate Cracker Prize Packs

We have a very special prize pack for the top five users who adopt the most Cubes and top five users who open the most crates.

This pack includes all pre-sale exclusive cosmetics, a Founders Token and a bonus ENJoker from our friends in the Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB for life!).

You can check out the live leaderboards over on our pre-sale page.

We sincerely thank you for your support, and your Nestables appreciate you providing them a safe and happy home.

Cube Adoption Program

2,500 special pre-sale Cubes are looking for a family to belong to — and you are all the family they need.

Pre-sale cubes will be, unequivocally, the most valuable cubes in the Nestables realm because they come with major added benefits:

  • Each pre-sale Cube is an ERC-1155 token backed by 5 ENJ each. This compares to the normal game Cubes which will be backed with 0.1 ENJ.
  • Each Cube is branded with a special gold coloured ‘FC’ (Founder’s Cube) mark. This mark will also be inherited by the Cube’s first born child at a 50% opacity.
  • Exclusive pre-sale only ‘Productivity Master’ trait. This trait applies a productivity bonus to all activities undertaken by the Cube — think of it as making the Cube a ‘jack of all trades’.
  • Ability to cycle through unlimited Cube appearances. Other players loading Nestables for the first time will only have a selection of three different Cubes to choose from.
  • Ability to view traits of the Cube before selection. Normally, traits will be randomised for new Nestables players after they choose their Cube.

Each Cube is completely unique and made up of different physical and personality traits. You can get a preview of what a Cube looks like by checking out our Cube generator.

Pre-sale Cubes are available for $19.99 each and can be purchased with ETH, PayPal and ENJ shortly.

Wearables and Skins

Cubes have their own personalities and they like to stand out from the crowd too!

To allow players to personalise their Cubes even more, we have been working hard on implementing Cube Wearables into the game.

Skins will allow users to overlay different textures, patterns and colours onto their wearables to allow for further customisation. You can, of course, leave the wearable with the original skin it comes with.

Players will be able to purchase crates and open them during the pre-sale to receive different wearables and skins. Each crate will contain two wearables / skins with the chance for a third.

Some of the wearables and skins available will be pre-sale exclusives which could end up making them some of the rarest items in the Nestables universe.

You can view all the wearables and skins on our pre-sale page. Items with a golden glow are pre-sale exclusive items.

Each wearable and skin will be backed by 0.2 ENJ, allowing you to trade or sell them at a later date.

Pre-sale exclusive wearables and skins will have their supply locked as soon as the pre-sale is complete, no more of these items will ever be created again.

Ordinary wearables and skins will be unlimited in supply and will be available at substantially discounted rates during the pre-sale. When Nestables is released, wearables and skins will appear in the shop on a rotation basis, meaning the item you want will be harder to find and more expensive to buy. You would have a better chance of finding it on the EnjinX Marketplace!

Crates are available for $9.99 each, $16.99 for two, or $19.99 for three and can be purchased with ETH, PayPal and ENJ shortly.

Item Minting

All items that you purchase during the pre-sale will appear under your website profile. Once you have opened your crates, you can view the items you have unlocked here, and for any purchased Cubes, you can view their traits here.

If you were one of the first 700 unique purchases of a Cube, the Founders Token will also appear in your item queue.

Once the pre-sale has ended, we will be minting the items and sending them to your Enjin Wallet, which you linked when you signed up to the website.

Thank you to all of those who have supported us so far in the pre-sale. I know heaps of you have had a fantastic time randomising a Cube! For more information you can visit our pre-sale page here:

~ Tribal Gaming



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