September Development Update

Development Progress

Seasons in Nestables!

With Nestables designed to be free-to-play, a critical part of the gameplay will rely on us bringing new and exciting content for the community to experience. This will be done in a number of different ways that we will expand on in future development updates. The basis of the new content will be formed around the different seasons — Summer, Autumn (Fall), Winter and Spring. We have started to implement these seasons in Nestables this month.

Winter on the left — Autumn (Fall) on the right.
Summer & Spring

Interior Editor — Wall and Floor Textures

Over the past few months we have showcased some early previews of the interior editing system. There is still a lot of progress to be made in this area but it is starting to look really good! This month, we created and implemented a variety of different wall and floor patterns that can be applied to the rooms. Players can then scale the pattern to better fit with the style of the room, adding an additional level of personalisation. There will be textures to fit with each furniture set added to the game.

Workbench — Crafting Furniture

Quite a bit of development time this month has been taking up with implementing the workbench. The workbench is where you will craft different items like the furniture that you put into your Nestable’s home. Like other crafting tools such as the campfire, the workbench will form an important part of the gameplay. You will be able to improve your crafting skills via researching, unlocking more complex recipes and improving crafting times.

Updated UI

The wearables UI — where you equip your Nestables with cool accessories like hats, glasses and backpacks has been updated to match the rest of the game. We have also taken onboard the feedback received during the pre-alpha to simplify the layout and make it clearer how to edit the colours of your wearables. For those that supported Nestables during the pre-sale and bought some of the wearable crates, we hope that this UI will significantly improve their role in the game and make them more attractive to other players to buy. Interview



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