November Development Update

Welcome to November! The spooky season is officially over and we are now on the countdown to Christmas. October has been another productive month…

Wearable Minting and Prize Distribution

Many community members have already been trading and selling their Cubes which is fantastic and we are sure you will have just as much fun with the wearables as well.

Advisory Board

Halloween Items

2019 Halloween Wearables

To celebrate Halloween, we have released three unique Halloween Wearables for sale. The Spidercles, Jack-o-Hat and Skullpack will only be available for sale this year’s Halloween until November the 15th!

You will be able to apply them to your Cube ingame as an added level of customisation. As always, the funds raised will be spent to continue our development.

You can purchase them here.

Development Progress

Also started in the last few weeks has been the Cube Inventory system. While not the most exciting aspect of the game, it is an important one to get right! A lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes for the purpose of being able to integrate and pull everything together later. The Nest will have one shared inventory of which everything that the Cubes collect, craft or be rewarded with will be stored in.

Over the course of this month, the entire farming, collecting and cooking system will be coming together and I look forward to being able to showcase you some fantastic screenshots in the next development update and maybe even a video.

Pre-Sale Recap

Number of Founder’s Tokens: 332

Number of Pre-Sale Cubes: 800

Number of Wearables: 3005

Wearable Breakdown:

Amount of each wearable. Bold means pre-sale exclusive item.

All of these items can now be viewed on EnjinX.

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. You can stay tuned with our progress via our Telegram & Twitter.

~ Tribal Gaming

Developers of Nestables.