Nestables Public Alpha

Tribal Gaming
5 min readJun 17, 2022


A free version of Nestables is now available for everyone to download and try. There has been a substantial amount of work done on Nestables since the pre-alpha and we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the progress that has been made.

Starting today for Windows PC, you can download the public Alpha version of Nestables. All you need to play is an account on our website. There are no requirements to own a Founder’s Nestable or any other blockchain items.

While Nestables is still early in development, we found the community feedback from the pre-alpha really helpful. Be gentle though, the game can be fragile! Just like the pre-alpha, your feedback is really critical to making this alpha a success. The more feedback and bug reports we get, the more improvements we can make for Nestables.

  1. Feedback Survey — You can provide feedback on different aspects of gameplay via this form.
  2. Bug Report — You can report a bug via this form.
  3. Send us a message on Telegram!

All of the bug reports and feedback will be collated and added to our Alpha Trello Board. This will allow you to keep track of any fixes and changes that we will roll out during the Alpha with our patching system.

If you played our pre-alpha, quite a bit has changed. Here is a short (but not comprehensive!) list of things that have been added / changed since then:

  • Substantial re-work of the original UI
  • Implementation of visiting other Nests
  • Daily Quests
  • Nestable AI system
  • Furnaces, Compost bins
  • New resources including clay, different woods, glass
  • New toys
  • Reworked the tree system
  • Additional Research topics including Sand Sifting and Clay Collecting
  • Breeding system
  • Nestable juvenile system (substantial work to still be done here)
  • Tea creation system
  • Seasons (although you most likely won’t get to see these during the Alpha)
  • Reworked farming system
  • Cupcake trees!

We are greatly appreciative of the community's patience to get to this point of our development, we know it has taken a long time! We are a small development team who aside from the initial pre-sale where 20k USD was raised, all other development has been internally funded.

Hopefully, you can see the significant progress since the pre-alpha and we would love any feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick Q & A of some of the questions we think might be commonly asked. This section will continue to be updated over the course of this alpha.

Q. Do I need a website account to play Nestables?
A. Yes, you will be prompted to login when you start the game. Your website account is linked to your Enjin Wallet.

Q. Do you have a Mac version for this Alpha?
A. No. Apple is quite painful to deal with and it isn’t worthwhile spending the time dealing with their requirements for this Alpha.

Q. How do I install Nestables?
A. Download Nestables from here. Locate the file in your downloads folder, right-click and select “Extract All”. Select a location for the files to be installed. Navigate to this location and double click the “Nestables” application file

Q. Why does it say that running Nestables might put your PC at risk?
A. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen might ask if you really want to run Nestables. This is a precautionary measure from Microsoft. Click “More Info” then click “Run Anyway”. Once more people install the application, it won’t appear anymore!

Q. Will updates for the game be rolled out during the pre-alpha?
A. Yes. We have made a patching system which will check for game updates each time you go to play.

Q. Is anything being written to the blockchain during this pre-alpha?
A. No. We are waiting for Enjin’s Efinity before doing anything else blockchain wise, otherwise it could be a considerable waste of resources re-writing code for a new system.

Q. How do I save my progress ingame?
A. Nestables auto saves on exit. If you want to make sure you have saved before you close the game, press S on your keyboard.

Q. Will our progress carry over to future betas?
A. No, as there will be a lot of changes in between now and then!

Q. Will my Nestable keep working while I’m offline?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I reset my Nest and start afresh?
A. Yes, just delete the save folder in the directory where you stored the pre-alpha builds.

Q. Can we have more than 1 Nestable in our Nest at a time?
A. Yes, once you have completed an exploration, you will get the option to add a second Nestable.

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. Until the next post, you can stay tuned with our progress via our Telegram & Twitter and don’t forget to clap if you have liked what you have read above!

~ Tribal Gaming