Nestables’ Founder’s Alpha

  1. Allow those who supported us during the pre-sale to see how development has progressed
  2. To get community feedback and assistance with gameplay balancing / bug spotting
  1. Feedback Survey — You can provide feedback on different aspects of gameplay via this form.
  2. Bug Report — You can report a bug via this form.
  3. Send us a message on Telegram!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick Q & A of some of the questions we think might be commonly asked. This section will continue to be updated over the course of this closed pre-alpha.

Gameplay Areas to Check Out

Make sure to check out some of the new gameplay added since the pre-alpha:

  • Play with the brand new toys such as the slide or swing set
  • Explore many of the new research topics to improve your Nestables’ learnings
  • Collect some of the many new resources
  • Keep up-to-date with what your Nestable has been doing while you are offline by reading through the activity log
  • Collect some mushrooms to add to the compost bin
  • Smelt something in the furnace!
  • Brew some tea
  • Try visiting a friend’s Nest by adding them as a friend
  • Create a baby Nestable!
  • Make your Nestable look fancy in our refined wearables panel
  • Create a house in the building editor of the game and construct it in your Nest
  • Construct furniture and decorate the interior of your home
  • Plant a cupcake tree!



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