Nestables’ Founder’s Alpha

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5 min readFeb 26, 2022


Welcome to the Nestables’ Founder’s Alpha. It has been a long time since the pre-alpha was held and in that time, we have made substantial development progress for Nestables. Although this release is a day late, come rain, hail, partial flooding, weddings, dental problems and other issues, we hope you enjoy experimenting with this Alpha build.

For those of you who have been following our monthly development updates, you will realise just how much content has been added to the game with plenty of new features ready to be tested and trialed.

This Alpha is open for those that have a Founder’s Nestable, for reasons which are explained in more detail below. A public Alpha will be held at a later date.

There are two main aims for this Founder’s Alpha:

  1. Allow those who supported us during the pre-sale to see how development has progressed
  2. To get community feedback and assistance with gameplay balancing / bug spotting

Like last time, your feedback for this Alpha is really important to making it a success.

  1. Feedback Survey — You can provide feedback on different aspects of gameplay via this form.
  2. Bug Report — You can report a bug via this form.
  3. Send us a message on Telegram!

Both of these forms are accessible ingame in the top left corner. From here, we will then collate the information provided and post it onto Trello if multiple people are having the issue.

You can view the public Trello board here.

We have decided to limit this Alpha to the holders of Founder’s Nestables so that we can assess the performance impacts of the networking side of Nestables. You will be able to add friends and visit their Nests during this Alpha.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick Q & A of some of the questions we think might be commonly asked. This section will continue to be updated over the course of this closed pre-alpha.

Q. Do I need a website account to play Nestables?
A. Yes, you will be prompted to login when you start the game. Your website account is linked to your Enjin Wallet.

Q. Do you have a Mac version for this Alpha?
A. No. Apple is quite painful to deal with and it isn’t worthwhile spending the time dealing with their requirements for this Alpha.

Q. How do I install Nestables?
A. Download Nestables from here. Locate the file in your downloads folder, right-click and select “Extract All”. Select a location for the files to be installed. Navigate to this location and double click the “Nestables” application file

Q. Why does it say that running Nestables might put your PC at risk?
A. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen might ask if you really want to run Nestables. This is a precautionary measure from Microsoft. Click “More Info” then click “Run Anyway”. Once more people install the application, it won’t appear anymore!

Q. Will updates for the game be rolled out during the pre-alpha?
A. Yes. We have made a patching system which will check for game updates each time you go to play.

Q. Is anything being written to the blockchain during this pre-alpha?
A. No. All of the Cubes and cosmetics are already on the blockchain.

Q. How do I save my progress ingame?
A. Nestables auto saves on exit. If you want to make sure you have saved before you close the game, press S on your keyboard.

Q. Will our progress carry over to future alphas / betas?
A. No, as there will be a lot of changes in between now and then!

Q. Will my Cube keep working while I’m offline?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I reset my Nest and start afresh?
A. Yes, just delete the save folder in the directory where you stored the pre-alpha builds.

Q. Can we have more than 1 Nestable in our Nest at a time?
A. Yes, once you have explored X number of areas, you will be prompted to add another Cube to your Nest if you have one.

Gameplay Areas to Check Out

Make sure to check out some of the new gameplay added since the pre-alpha:

  • Play with the brand new toys such as the slide or swing set
  • Explore many of the new research topics to improve your Nestables’ learnings
  • Collect some of the many new resources
  • Keep up-to-date with what your Nestable has been doing while you are offline by reading through the activity log
  • Collect some mushrooms to add to the compost bin
  • Smelt something in the furnace!
  • Brew some tea
  • Try visiting a friend’s Nest by adding them as a friend
  • Create a baby Nestable!
  • Make your Nestable look fancy in our refined wearables panel
  • Create a house in the building editor of the game and construct it in your Nest
  • Construct furniture and decorate the interior of your home
  • Plant a cupcake tree!