Nestables — A Gameplay Overview

We asked, you decided! You wanted to learn more about the gameplay in Nestables so here is an entire Medium post dedicated to the three main gameplay aspects that will be in the beta version. So let’s dive into it…

Collecting Resources

Task your Cube with wood chopping!

Both wood and ore will be used for building homes, decorations and buildings for your Nest. Players will either be able to build their own creations using the building editor (to be detailed in greater depth at another time), use pre-designed creations or browse the marketplace to explore free and paid creations made by the community. Building anything ingame will require resources and the amount of resources is determined by the size and complexity of the creation.

Build a tree house for your Cubes to live in!


Researching can take a while but is worth the effort in the long-term!

Researching will take time and each time you research one particular aspect, the length of time taken to research the next task will be longer. It is important therefore to prioritise what your Cube is researching. You will be able to research a whole pile of different areas including ore mining, farming, the rate at which your Cube recovers fatigue from sleeping etc. Researching “Exploration” will also allow you to unlock new areas of your Nest for the Cubes to use. Each Nest will be unique in the generation of it and you will be able to choose in which direction you expand your nest to uncover different biomes and resources.

Cube Happiness

Keeping your Cube happy is essential to their productivity ingame and being able to breed.

Keeping your Cube happy won’t be super easy! They can be demanding little creatures. Each activity that the Cube does will positively or negatively influence the Happiness Rating of that Cube. A ‘rating impact’ is applied for each activity and will impact on the rating at a repeated time interval if the Cube continues with the task. For example, if you have tasked the Cube with playing with a ball, this will increase the happiness rating by +1 for every 10 minutes. So 60 minutes of play time will result in +6 overall happiness. Whereas, mining for excessive periods of time will make the Cube bored and will negatively impact the Cube’s happiness rating.

Cubes need sleep to restore their fatigue level otherwise they get grumpy!

There are many different factors that will impact the Happiness Rating including:

  • Boredom — Long period of time spent doing the same task
  • Fatigue — Time between sleeping for the Cube
  • Hunger — Quality and quantity of the diet that the Cube is on
  • Nest Size — Size of the Nest compared to the number of Cubes living in it
  • Cleanliness — Cleanliness of the Nest and the Cube
  • Social — Amount of interaction with other Cubes or play time

You will need to assign your Cube with different tasks to keep them happy, such as bathing, eating, sleeping or playing while maintaining a balance with collecting resources and researching to expand and improve the nest.

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. You can stay tuned with our progress via our Telegram & Twitter.

~ Tribal Gaming

Developers of Nestables.