Nestables — A Gameplay Overview

Collecting Resources

Task your Cube with wood chopping!
Build a tree house for your Cubes to live in!


Researching can take a while but is worth the effort in the long-term!

Cube Happiness

Keeping your Cube happy is essential to their productivity ingame and being able to breed.

Cubes need sleep to restore their fatigue level otherwise they get grumpy!
  • Boredom — Long period of time spent doing the same task
  • Fatigue — Time between sleeping for the Cube
  • Hunger — Quality and quantity of the diet that the Cube is on
  • Nest Size — Size of the Nest compared to the number of Cubes living in it
  • Cleanliness — Cleanliness of the Nest and the Cube
  • Social — Amount of interaction with other Cubes or play time

Developers of Nestables.

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Tribal Gaming

Tribal Gaming

Developers of Nestables.

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