May Development Update

Development Progress

Music and Sound Effects Design

As promised, this month we would take a look at the music and sound effects that are being worked on for Nestables. For this, our sound and music designer Adam has put together a video showcasing the sound effects ingame. This is not necessarily how the sound effects will be implemented ingame, it is more to showcase the sounds! Check out our sound effects demo video:

Nest Tools and UI Refinements

We are continuing to refine and improve the UI for Nestables.

Nest Tools Menu Bar


Final work on serialisation has been completed! This is a major step forward as it means that more internal testing of the game can be completed seeing we are actually able to save our progress! Attention now will turn to real-time progress ingame while the user is offline.

Easter Wearables Distribution

A massive thank you to those who continue to support our development by purchasing our Easter 2020 wearables. Our Twitter competition giveaway was also a great success.

  • 7 x Egg-cellent Backpacks
  • 6 x Chickedee Hat
  • 9 x Bunny Bifocals
Nestables Exclusive 2020 Easter Wearables

Social Media and Community Engagement

Based on community feedback, we understand that you guys want to hear more from us between the development updates. We certainly aren’t the most active on Twitter! We are nearly always around in Telegram though to answer any questions or hear your feedback.

Nestables Alpha

We get more questions on this than anything else! So we thought it could be an idea to update the community each time we publish a development update. As you have seen above, we are continuing to get closer and closer to our closed alpha for Founder’s Token holders. Most critically this month, was the completion of the serialisation work for the game. This means that we can play the game and save progress, allowing us to start balancing the gameplay and providing more general feedback for areas of improvement and refinement. Once work has been completed on allowing for real-time progress between plays, this will give us a much more accurate ETA for the alpha as the focus will then turn to implementing final features, bug fixing and gameplay refinement.



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