July Development Update

Development Progress

As we covered last month, development is currently focussing on two keys areas of gameplay:

  • Interior decoration system
  • Nestable breeding + Baby Nestable system

Building Selection + House Interior Design

We showed some early images of the interior design system last month for Nestables. There has been significant progress on this with the addition of:

  • Functioning UI
  • Improved shader system to add greater depth to the rooms
  • Fully implemented object placing
  • Improvements to changing wall colours / textures and floors

We want your ideas!

A key aim for Nestable has always been to allow players the maximum amount of customisation and personalisation for their Nests. We would love the community to suggest themes for sets that players will use to decorate the interior of their homes. Currently we have:

  • Default theme — Furniture that will be used for a tutorial
  • Country theme
  • Bohemian theme
  • Modern theme

Nestable Breeding + Baby Nestable System

In our previous post, we updated the community on breeding mechanics for Nestables — with a few slight tweaks to the system that we have announced previously. Work continued this month on implementing a roll system to determine which traits a Nestable has based on its parents, along with making sure that trait mixing would work for all potential scenarios.

#1 — Users will click on the Egg to see a countdown until the Nestable can hatch. In the future, eggs will be looked after in the Nursery.
#2 — The traits of the two parent Nestables are displayed. Users click roll to decide which traits will carry across to the younger Nestables. The Nestable with the higher roll carries across their trait.
#3 — The outcome of the first roll is displayed. Another roll then occurs to determine if the trait level is decreased or increased. A 1 roll decreases the trait strength by 1, 2–5 has no effect, 6 increases the trait strength by 1. The second trait rolls then occur.
#4 — The process is repeated for the second trait. A third roll is for Founder’s Nestables only to see if the Productivity Master Trait is carried across to the baby Nestable.
#5 — Just like that, we have a baby Nestable!
A trait mutation is where the baby Nestable has a trait that neither parents hold. This will allow us to introduce new traits in the future. A mutation occurs if there are two draw rolls in a row.
A special trait will only carry across if both parents have the same trait and roll a 6 each.

Astounding Reaction to Pre-Alpha

Back in March we released our pre-alpha as free-to-play for everyone, regardless of if they had access to a Founder’s Nestable or Token. We have been extremely surprised at the size of community interest in this extremely early version of the game. As a project, we have made quite a deliberate decision not to advertise Nestables until we have a finished version of the game that everyone can play for free. To this extent, we really only do one tweet a month to advertise the publishing of the development update. Still, thousands of people have downloaded and played the free pre-alpha.



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