How To Make Money Playing Nestables

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5 min readJul 3, 2019

One of the gameplay features we wanted to incorporate into Nestables was the ability for users to leverage the benefits of blockchain to make a passive income from playing the game…

Being powered by Enjin has opened up new possibilities for monetisation strategies that benefit both game designers and players. So let’s take a deeper look into how playing Nestables could earn you $$.

Selling, Trading, Collecting and Renting Cubes

Each Cube is unique and this is one area of the gameplay that we have invested a lot of time and effort into. They all have different visual characteristics and traits which you can read more about here:

This means that some Cubes will be super cute, have a certain pattern or have traits that are valuable. Even though all of the Cubes will be backed by the same amount of ENJ, their uniqueness will make them a tradeable and desirable asset. Their desirability and therefore, “worth” of each Cube, will depend on what the buyer might require or want. They might be choosing a Cube based off its looks to breed with another Cube or potentially they need one that will excel at collecting resources like wood or iron. There is nothing wrong with wanting to create a Nest full of all pink Cubes! Either way, selling Cubes that you have collected and bred yourself will be an easy task thanks to our blockchain integration, Enjin and the marketplace that we are developing.

Got a really valuable Cube but don’t want to sell it? One of the features we plan on implementing before a full launch is the ability to ‘rent’ out your Cube.

Your Cube could be an absolute boss at building or farming. The marketplace will allow you to advertise the services of your Cube and allow other players to pay a daily rate for the work it does back to the owner. The Cube will bring to the Renter’s Nest all of the traits and research levels it has to assist the other player.

Buildings and Decorations

One of the aspects of the game we have talked less about, but have hinted at in previous Medium posts, is the building editor. If you have not understood already, we want as much of Nestables to be customisable and for the player to be able to make their Nest a reflection of them. To be able to do this, we want people to be able to design and make their own buildings, homes and Nest decorations. The building editor will give you a whole bunch of pre-made shapes and items which you can combine together and paint to create whatever your imagination can dream up.

Early concept of the upcoming Building Editor

Nestables will have a whole pile of pre-made buildings that you can place into your Nest, but once again, blockchain allows us to go further. We know some people are going to be really good at using the building editor and this is one of the primary motivations for releasing this game on PC as well because we know that many of you will want better control and precision than what our fingers will give us on mobile.

Players will be able to sell their creations on the marketplace or publish them for free for everyone to use in their Nest. This opens up endless possibilities for gameplay and can’t wait to see what the community will create using the tools that we provide. You could choose to specialise in producing different building sets that could have a “Candy” theme, or perhaps create replicas of real life buildings. At the end of the day, we know some people will take this to the next level and the marketplace will allow people to monetise their creations.

Selling and Collecting Wearables and Skins

To further increase the level of customisation you can apply to your Cube, we have been working hard on developing ‘Wearables’ — cosmetics for your Cube to wear. Each wearable will be backed by ENJ. The core benefit ENJ provides is true item ownership. Holders of items minted with ENJ truly own them and can freely share, trade, sell, hold them forever, or even “melt” them down to retrieve the ENJ from within — including your wearables and skins.

Preview of some of the many Wearables that will be for sale.

This means that you can re-sell any wearable or skin that you buy from the marketplace.

Over time we plan to release many different wearables that will fit in with different themed events ingame and in real life for you fancy up your Cube with. Some of these wearables will have a very limited supply increasing their re-sale value. Importantly, will be on a rotation basis in the shop so it is best to collect them when you can!

Lastly, players will be able to change the colours / textures of their wearables by applying different skins to them. For example:

Once again, the skins will be written to the blockchain on sale and therefore players will be able to sell them at a later date.

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. You can stay tuned with our progress via our Telegram & Twitter.

~ Tribal Gaming