Everything you need to know about the Nestables Pre-Alpha

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5 min readOct 5, 2020


Welcome to the closed Nestables pre-alpha! We want to stress that it is still very early on in the overall development of Nestables. There are still areas of gameplay to add, significantly more depth & refinement for the current gameplay and heaps of bugs and polish to be done.

The intention of this pre-alpha is to give our community, especially those that supported us during our pre-sale, early access to the game. To play, you will need to hold a Founder’s Cube and Token in your Enjin Wallet. We would love your help to provide us with valuable feedback on the progress of our development, the balancing of the current gameplay and bug spotting.

To make the most of this closed pre-alpha, we need as much of your feedback as possible. This can be done through several different ways.

  1. Feedback Survey — You can provide feedback on different aspects of gameplay via this form.
  2. Bug Report — You can report a bug via this form.
  3. Send us a message on Telegram!

Both of these forms are accessible ingame in the top left corner. From here, we will then collate the information provided and post it onto Trello if multiple people are having the issue.

You can view the public Trello board here.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting time,

Tomographix and the Nestables Team

What gameplay aspects haven’t been focused on for the Pre-Alpha?

The following areas still need quite a bit of work on them or have not been started yet:

  • Breeding
  • Advanced level cooking recipes
  • Visiting other user’s Nests

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick Q & A of some of the questions we think might be commonly asked. This section will continue to be updated over the course of this closed pre-alpha.

Q. Do I need a website account to play Nestables?
A. Yes, you will be prompted to login when you start the game. Your website account is linked to your Enjin Wallet.

Q. How do I install Nestables?
A. Download Nestables from here. Locate the file in your downloads folder, right-click and select “Extract All”. Select a location for the files to be installed. Navigate to this location and double click the “Nestables” application file.

Q. Why does it say that running Nestables might put your PC at risk?
A. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen might ask if you really want to run Nestables. This is a precautionary measure from Microsoft. Click “More Info” then click “Run Anyway”. Once more people install the application, it won’t appear anymore!

Q. Will updates for the game be rolled out during the pre-alpha?
A. Yes. We have made a patching system which will check for game updates each time you go to play.

Q. Will Nestables work on my Mac?
A. Yes but we have not been able to conduct the extensive testing we have done on the PC version of Nestables. You will also need to download a new build each time.

Q. How can I mute the sound effects / music?
A. Click the large “N” icon on the right-side of the screen. Then go to the settings icon (the gear) at the bottom. You can also: Right-click the sound icon in your Windows taskbar > Open Volume Mixer > Toggle the settings as desired for Nestables.

Your Cubes are excited to see you!

Q. Is anything being written to the blockchain during this pre-alpha?
A. No. All of the Cubes and cosmetics are already on the blockchain.

Q. How do I save my progress ingame?
A. Nestables auto saves on exit. If you want to make sure you have saved before you close the game, press S on your keyboard.

Q. Will our progress carry over to future alphas / betas?
A. No, as there will be a lot of changes in between now and then!

Q. Will my Cube keep working while I’m offline?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I reset my Nest and start afresh?
A. Yes, just delete the save folder in the directory where you stored the pre-alpha builds.

Q. Can we have more than 1 Nestable in our Nest at a time?
A. Yes, once you have explored X number of areas, you will be prompted to add another Cube to your Nest if you have one.

Q. What benefits does the building editor have at this stage?
A. The building editor allows you to create decorations and homes for your Nestables. Once a house is built, it becomes the home of the Nestable that completed the house. A Nestable that owns a home receives x% percent faster regeneration of Hunger, Cleanliness and Social as well as x% slower degeneration of said ratings where x is in the range of 1% to 99% depending on the cost of the home, the higher the cost the greater the effect.

Important limitation of the alpha is that there is currently no way to change ownership of a house so the users should be careful to finish the building process with its intended owner. In the future, we will be implementing an interior editing system for each home and other additional interactions if the building is designated as a home.

Q. Can I duplicate an item in the building editor?
A. Yes, click and drag the block while holding the Alt key.

Just a reminder, this is still very early on in the development of Nestables. There is a significant amount of polish and new features to still be added. We hope that you do enjoy this early preview of the game and that it lives up to your expectations.

If you need help, feel free to reach out via our Telegram & Twitter and don’t forget to clap if you have liked what you have read above!

~ Tribal Gaming