April Development Update

Development Progress

Compost UI and Mechanics

Last month we showed off a variety of new areas of gameplay including composting. As of this month, the compost system is fully operational, with the creation of UI and gameplay mechanics for it.

Updated UI

There has been quite a bit of updated UI added into Nestables this month.

Interaction and Animation Refactor

The final code refactor has been started — this time focussing on interactions and animations. Those that have used the pre-alpha would have noticed some issues with getting their Nestable to interact with the object you wanted sometimes. This work will improve a variety of different gameplay areas:

  • Ability to select multiple farming plots for harvest in one go
  • Some feedback to the player when tasking the Nestable with an activity (for example, highlighting the object that has been clicked on)
  • Better interactions between Nestables if many of them are are using the same item at one time (for example, multiple Nestables using the slide toy that we showcased last month)

JumpNet, Efinity and Nestables Integration

Unless you were living under a rock, chances are you would have seen the very exciting announcement of JumpNet this month — Enjin’s first scaling solution.

Nestables Marketplace

Late last year, we showcased some early designs for the Nestables marketplace. The marketplace will be an important part of the game, allowing people to sell / rent / buy Nestables, sell / buy blueprints, wearables, skins and more.



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